Product Care

Balincourt uses vegetable tanned leather for all of our styles. 

Vegetable tanning is a process using bark and plant tannins - and is chrome free. This means each skin is unique in its own specific colouring, markings, and lines, and the surface is susceptible to scratching. Vegetable tanning creates a piece that will become more loved over time, developing character and a natural patina. No two pieces will age the exact same way, creating something that is unique. With a little bit of care, your Balincourt bag will last a lifetime. 

Balincourt Ladies Leather Bucket Bag Byron Bay


Caring for your bag from the start will protect the product to a large extent. While any stains on the leather can be removed with a soft cloth.

Care products should always be used sparingly, overuse of products could settle in the leather’s pores and change its colour. We recommend the use of a natural wax lotion providing both good permeation and stain protection. Use a cream/balm/conditioner that combines natural waxes with natural oils and without harsh chemicals. 

Avoid exposure to water as it will create spots. Avoid exposure to direct sun. While we recommend avoiding rain and harsh sun, the patina created by daily wear-and-tear is meant to change and evolve over time. If you do come into contact with water, please do not use heat to dry your bag. Rapid heating can cause the leather to crack and loose inner oils. Simply fill your bag with paper and let it dry slowly, you want it to dry in the desired shape.


When you are not using your bag, you should pay proper care to how and where you store it. Always store it in a cool area. Avoid leaving it folded. Fill it with paper or any other dry and neutral material. This will keep your bag in its original shape, and without unwanted creases. Don’t cover or wrap your leather product with plastic. Instead, store it in the breathable, soft bag you received it in or wrapped in paper.

Keep up with your care, if you take care of your leather, your leather will take care of you.